Counselling = Right sizing education

A small increase in counselling staff dramatically changes the ratio of students to staff.  ABC provides a great education– but we need to find the right “fit” for our kids.  It cannot be one size future fits all

“I have never run for office before,” Nishii said in a statement. “The reason I am running is that I offer a unique voice — that of the non-political parent. My support comes mainly from parents, PTAs and foundations. I am not an ‘insider’ seeking the myriad of endorsements of the various mayors, commissioners, and other political groups.

“As a father, my strength is that I directly feel the urgency of acting in favor of public safety issues for the kids and directly see the technological shortfalls in education. As a husband to a retired teacher, I know what it is to have labor unrest and the negativity associated with being ‘fired/riffed’ despite seven years’ experience.

“As a son of a Tule Lake incarceree, I heard stories of injustice dictated by a simple presidential order. And thus I believe part of our education should include civil rights that inculcate civic values that cannot be taken away by the stroke of a pen.

“As an attorney, we always wish the client followed our advice BEFORE the client acted. When I am on the board, I won’t have that complaint and I will act to reduce our exposure to lawsuits.”