ABCUSD is Using All of The Resources

ABCUSD is Using All of The Resources

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    The ABC School District is using all of the resources it has to keep our students, teachers, administrators and community maximally safe from threats and incidents. The District has a Comprehensive Safe Schools Plan that is revised every year.  This plan involves our administrators and the Sheriff.   Each school also has a Safe School Action Plan that should be posted on each school’s webpage.   The Principal, teachers and now, students collaborate and plan on the most appropriate actions to take in the case of an emergency.

    People side:

    The district is providing mental health and counselling for students and teachers to address one of the core causes of school site incidents.  We provide higher than average mental health service including over 32 school social workers/mental health experts and others.   We have active Peacebuilders Programs and Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports programs (PBIS) to address the core causes of loneliness  and frustration.

    The District also has numerous trained Student Intervention Assistants serving our schools as security.

    The district is doing training with the students and administrators as to the best actions to take in an active intruder situation. Please attend your school PTA or local school administrator as they should have additional details.   In addition, in light of recent incidents, additional experts will be hired to determine best practices to maximize the safety at our schools in all situations.

    Mainly the rule in an active intruder situation is as follows:  Run, Hide, or Fight.

    1. If the situation warrants—run away to the designated place set forth in your school’s safety plan.  Leave any items where they are and show your hands as you run.
    2. If there is no time to run—hide. Close/lock doors.
    3. If there is no alternative to run or hide, Fight.


    In terms of facilities, our facilities manager will be investigating each school to determine additional security needs that can be addressed more immediately.  The facilities plan update already includes approximately 25 million in security upgrades—this new comprehensive facilities security needs list will dip into our one-time funds.     Check the District Website for the timeline and further details.